Measure Radon Levels

The only way to know the level in your home is to measure it using a radon detector. There are a number of measuring devices and services available. Testing is safe, simple and relatively inexpensive. Some radon detectors allow you to measure radon concentrations over short periods (days) while others do so over several months.

Health Canada recommends measuring radon in your home for at least three   months, ideally in the fall and winter timeframe. Radon levels can vary significantly over time and, therefore, a long-term test is more accurate.

If the radon test results are above the Canadian Guideline of 200 becquerels per cubic meter (200Bq/m3), steps to reduce the level of radon in your home should be taken. The higher the level, the sooner corrective measures should be taken. Remember that you should not rely on your neighbors’ test result as results can vary significantly from one home to the next.

Test kits can usually be found at hardware stores. The Nova Scotia Lung Association is also offering long-term radon test kits at a price of $35 ($40 if you’d like them shipped)  Please phone (888) 566-5864 or click here to purchase online.