Nova Scotia Radon Map in the Herald News

Natural Resources maps out risk of radon throughout province. Read the article in the Chronicle Herald about the New Nova Scotia Radon map.

Bondar says radon testing important, especially before winter

By Patrick Odell Global News Dr. Roberta Bondar, who made history as Canada’s first female astronaut, joined Global Halifax’s The Morning News Monday morning to share her concern about radon gas. Bondar said it’s important to be aware of radon in the home environment, especially now that the tools exist to monitor it. “We’re living […]

Radon Dangers in Your Home

Global Halifax Mon, Nov 18th, 2013 Radon is an odorless, colorless radioactive gas that can seep into your basement. Word is spreading about this unseen hazard. Health Canada and the Lung Association have launched a new awareness campaign. Global’s Brett Ruskin reports.  

New Radon Map of Nova Scotia

Government of Canada Radon Guideline

Health Canada collaborated with the Federal Provincial Territorial Radiation Protection Committee (FPTRPC) to review the health risk from exposure to radon. The risk assessment is based on new scientific information and was the subject of broad public consultation. Using the risk assessment and feedback obtained from the public consultation, the Government of Canada is updating […]

Measure Radon Levels

The only way to know the level in your home is to measure it using a radon detector. There are a number of measuring devices and services available. Testing is safe, simple and relatively inexpensive. Some radon detectors allow you to measure radon concentrations over short periods (days) while others do so over several months. […]